Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Injury Report

In the last 6 months I've had 3 moderate to serious injuries. The first came in September- after getting on a longboard twice, I decided it would be a good idea to go at night. Third time's a charm, right? Well, approximately 28 seconds after getting on the board, I was lying in some grass with a busted hip and a busted pair of glasses. It took a few days until I could stand up on my own. The coolest part is, you can still see the bruise.

The night I flew home to Portland for Christmas, I suffered a high ankle sprain when I slipped on an icy driveway. It hurt like the dickens for about a month.

Then, on Friday night I had an intramural basketball game. I was especially stoked for this game, because I had just purchased some sweet new basketball shoes, and was excited to break them in. And break them in I did... 5 minutes into the game we're up 12 to 5, I have 1 block, 2 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 points- a triple double of sorts. After a great defensive stand, We take the ball back up the court. The point guard passes me the rock and screens my man, so, naturally, I make a move to the left and take it to the house. As I'm soaring through the air on my way to another bucket, some chump in a yellow shirt fouls me, effectively ending my shot's chance at dropping through the basket. When I came down, I landed on my left leg. At this point, my knee buckles out and bends to the side and I hear a loud CRUNCH! It was probably the worst pain I can ever remember having. After about 10 minutes, a crack squad of savvy EMTs showed up on the scene to come to the rescue. It turns out they don't have any drugs, bandages, or crutches for me. So they buckle me into a chair with wheels and load me in the back of my car.

My friend and mission buddy, Adam Heath, was kind enough to leave the game and drive me to the ER. The doctor looked at my knee for about 3 minutes and told me that I probably didn't tear anything, but that if it's still swollen after a week or so, I should get it checked out and have an MRI. The highlight of the trip was getting a Loritab prescription. I have been flying high for the last 3 days! Now I understand why Brett Favre and Matthew Perry were so crazy about these little pills! When I take them, I have really weird dreams- but that's a whole other blog post in and of itself... So now I have to wait and see what happens with the knee. A friend of mine who is a real whiz with human bodies says that it's probably my MCL. I'm just hoping I sprained it. We'll see though...

The worst part of the whole ordeal was the fact that they wouldn't let me shoot my free throws. Ridiculous.