Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"If you feelin' like a pimp, go and brush your shoulders off" - Jay Z

Tearing your ACL, MCL and Meniscus has its perks. Today marks one month since I had surgery to repair my knee.

My mobility was extremely limited after the surgery- I couldn’t really get out of bed for a few days. It was rough to say the least. Once I could get out of bed, I could only get around with crutches. Navigating our tiny apartment was tough on two good legs, but now I had to make it through our tiny living room on crutches. I imagine it was just as tough as successfully making it through “Assault” on American Gladiators. (I’ve posted a link for those of you who are in the dark on the AG reference… )

I started going without the crutches, but still had some difficulty getting around. Then it hit me- a cane. Not only would it help me get around with relative ease, I would look awesome doing it! I’m happy to report that with my new acquisition, I have joined the elite group of Pimps Who Use Canes. You might recognize some of our members…

Snoop Dogg

Gordon B. Hinckley


The Emperor


I'm in good company.