Monday, August 4, 2008

Enclave Frisbee Invitational 2008

Ever wonder what happens when you put 5 guys, a lighted frisbee and a 10th floor balcony together at 1:00 AM?

The Format-
3 rounds.
1 throw per round.
The longest throw wins.

Now let's introduce the athletes...

Mike "Big Love" Hunter

Mike hails from Woods Cross and loves Asian girls.

Spencer Leland McKay

Spencer is from Payson. Spencer is currently writing a book, and making up his own language.

Paul Diehl

Paul is from the greater Seattle area. He also loves to eat my food... Seriously, your oreos and wheat thins are not safe around this guy.

Cody "Assistant to the Regional Manager" Fehlberg

Cody, of Orem, is best known for choking during the finals of every wrestling tournament his senior year. He's really good at getting 2nd place. side note- I had to use this picture of him laughing, because he's making an obscene gesture in the other one...

Yours truly

If this contest was based solely on rugged good looks, I would finish in at least the top 5.

Round 1 - Cody came out strong and put out his best toss of the evening. Paul and the rest had a pretty mediocre showing.

Round 2 - Kyle blows everyone away with his beautiful form, but an unfortunate gust of wind blows his frisbee left and he assumes the 2nd place position. Spencer has a nice toss that is good enough for 3rd place. Paul continues to suck.

Round 3 - Everyone has a meltdown. This is easily the worst round for all the contestants.

Results -
1- Cody
2- Kyle
3- Spencer
4- Mike
5- Paul

The funny thing is, Paul talked the most trash going into this.

Highlight of the evening- me scaring Mike as he got off the elevator