Thursday, July 31, 2008

The War on the Shore

A couple weeks ago we took a nice trip up to Atlantic City to watch Vai Sikahema fight Jose Canseco. For those of you who haven't been to Atlantic City, it's a lot like Las Vegas, only dirtier with more pigeons/ Italians. The properties in Monopoly are all taken from the names of streets in Atlantic City. The ironic thing is, you can't find free parking anywhere! Marc finally arrived on a greyhound bus from NYC and we headed off to meet our good friend and Philadelphia Eagle, Reno Mahe. We met up at a beach house on the Atlantic City shore, ate some delicious ribs, walked around the beach and then eventually headed off to the stadium for the fight.

The exhibition fights were entertaining. Some were legitimate boxers, while others looked like fights that Kimball and I used to have when we were younger-- lots of eye gouging, low blows and head butting... Before the main event there was a fire juggler guy and a bunch of large Polynesian guys who did the haka in the ring. It was sweet. The actual fight was great. The crowd was wild. The fight was over after about 1:30 in the first round. Vai beat Jose like Jack Bauer beats down terrorists. (Side note- after the fight, Vai disarmed a canister of nerve gas that was hidden in the arena by a member of the Canseco entourage.)

After the fight we headed off to a couple of after-parties with Vai, Reno and a slew of other former and current NFLers. I also had crab for the first and last time in my life.

All in all, it was the best night of my life. Or at least the best night of the week. Plus I had some free crab.


Kaedi said...

Kyle, you got crabs in Atlantic City?

Kyle said...

Yeah, that's the last time I go swimming in the Atlantic!

Kimball said...

Readers....please note this is not Kyle's first encounter with crabs.

Also note that in every one of our fights as children there was a point in which Kyle would literally snap. That snapping point usually involved him getting a crazy look in his eyes, which would be followed by him trying to bite me. Not a pretty sight.